How to Improve Your Cellphone Battery Life

Poor phone battery life is something that many people have problems with and there is no way to increase the size of the battery you have.  Fortunately, there are a number of ways that you can increase the battery life of your phone.  Taking the time to look at different features on your phone can help you increase the hours of battery life that you can enjoy,

Look At Location Services

There are a lot of apps that use location services to keep track of where you are.  They will then use this information to geo-tag updates or find deals within your current area.  While this might seem like a simple background action, it drains your battery because it keeps your phone connected to GPS all the time.  It is recommended that you turn location services off until you need them.

This can be done through the settings menu on your phone.  Many phones, fix cell phone Serramonte Center, also have an option of turning location on or off at the top of the menu bar.  Of course, it is important that you find out how to do this on your phone.

Watch For Push Notifications

The amount of battery that is drained by push notifications is still being debated, but there is no doubt that it is using battery power.  Each time a notification comes through, your phone’s screen is turned on and it may make a noise or vibrate.  If you are getting a lot of notifications throughout the day, this will drain your battery.

It is recommended that you only keep the notifications that you absolutely need.  All other notifications should be turned off via the settings screen or within the app itself.  There are some notifications that you should keep on, but these are only the most vital.

Use Airplane Mode

Airplane mode is not only for when you are traveling on a plane and you need to consider this.  Your phone will always try to connect to your network even if you are in an area with limited or no service.  This can drain your battery because the phone is making multiple attempts to connect.  To limit the impact on your battery, you should turn on airplane mode.

Airplane mode will stop your phone trying to connect with the network.  However, you need to be aware that when you use this mode, you will not be able to make or receive any calls or texts.

Clear Out Your Apps

Many people do not realize that having a lot of apps on their phone can drain their battery.  If you have a lot of unused apps, they could be running in the background and draining your battery.  You should take the time to go through your phone and remove the apps that you no longer use or have never used.

You should also consider looking at which apps are currently running on your phone.  You can do this through the Manage Applications option on Android or via the home button on an iPhone.  You should then stop any apps from running that you are not currently using.

The Importance of Having Reliable IT Support

A network consultant is an IT professional who helps companies set up their IT network, but not just any IT network. We are talking about a full-force system that meets a company’s needs. Most people think that setting up an IT infrastructure is all about setting up different computers to create a Local Area Network (LAN) or a Wide Area Network (WAN) to make sure that all computers in the network are connected.

However, with the latest developments in technology, the IT network like in Jersey City has come to include Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) or Internet telephony, cloud storage, and network security.

What is LAN and what is WAN? LAN is a network of computers in one building or geographical area. WAN, on the other hand, covers different computers across different physical locations.

A network consultant takes a look at a company’s needs and its current resources and draws a master plan for the creation of a network that would adequately fulfill the needs of clients at the most cost-effective price. In some cases, though, the IT consultant takes a look at a current network and looks at where the network can be improved.

The combination of inter-computer connectivity, Internet connectivity, VoIP, cloud storage and network security makes it necessary for any IT consultant to have experience and knowledge on how all those technologies work. Even more important, the person should know different hardware and software vendors as well as specialists to bring the necessary tools and expertise to set up a flawless network.

Do you need an IT specialist to get your network up and running? The first thing you need to do is to find one in your local area. Don’t worry because if you live in a large area, and especially if you live in an IT hub, it would be easy to find different consultants.

Of course, you don’t just hire the first consultant you meet. You need to meet with different IT specialists that specialize in networking before you decide on who to hire. While there are those who serve all sorts of different clients, there are those that specialize, like those who set up call centers and their PABX systems.

If you are like most small to medium-scale businesses, having a general IT specialist would be enough. Most businesses hire IT consultants for several months, ensuring that the person would be around in all stages of the network set-up, from conceptualization, purchase, project implementation to completion. If you do not have an in-house network administrator, it is best to hire an IT consultant the ways other companies. That way, you do not need to worry about anything.

As we said before, any big area would have different IT network consultants working locally.  In order to find them, just go to Google and search for “IT network consultant” plus the name of your local area. If not Google, then Yelp.

Like anything else, not all professionals you will find online are created alike, so make sure to read reviews before hiring.